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Автор зачем-то приводит заголовок файла dbug.c из исходников пакета (вместе со всеми комментариями к нему). Приведу его и я, поскольку это может быть продиктовано какими-либо юридическими проблемами с копирайтом. Поскольку я не юрист, привожу этот заголовок без какого-либо перевода (во избежание ошибок или искажения смысла юридического документа при переводе).

 *                              N O T I C E                              *
 *                                                                       *
 *                 Copyright Abandoned, 1987, Fred Fish                  *
 *                                                                       *
 *   This previously copyrighted work has been placed into the  public   *
 *   domain  by  the  author  and  may be freely used for any purpose,   *
 *   private or commercial.                                              *
 *                                                                       *
 *   Because of the number of inquiries I was receiving about the  use   *
 *   of this product in commercially developed works I have decided to   *
 *   simply make it public domain to further its unrestricted use.   I   *
 *   specifically  would  be  most happy to see this material become a   *
 *   part of the standard Unix distributions by AT&T and the  Berkeley   *
 *   Computer  Science  Research Group, and a standard part of the GNU   *
 *   system from the Free Software Foundation.                           *
 *                                                                       *
 *   I would appreciate it, as a courtesy, if this notice is  left  in   *
 *   all copies and derivative works.  Thank you.                        *
 *                                                                       *
 *   The author makes no warranty of any kind  with  respect  to  this   *
 *   product  and  explicitly disclaims any implied warranties of mer-   *
 *   chantability or fitness for any particular purpose.                 *

 *  FILE
 *      dbug.c   runtime support routines for dbug package
 *  SCCS
 *      @(#)dbug.c      1.25    7/25/89
 *      These are the runtime support routines for the dbug package.
 *      The dbug package has two main components; the user include
 *      file containing various macro definitions, and the runtime
 *      support routines which are called from the macro expansions.
 *      Externally visible functions in the runtime support module
 *      use the naming convention pattern "_db_xx...xx_", thus
 *      they are unlikely to collide with user defined function names.
 *      Fred Fish               (base code)
 *      Enhanced Software Technologies, Tempe, AZ
 *      asuvax!mcdphx!estinc!fnf
 *      Binayak Banerjee        (profiling enhancements)
 *      seismo!bpa!sjuvax!bbanerje
 *      Michael Widenius:
 *      DBUG_DUMP       - To dump a piece of memory.
 *      PUSH_FLAG "O"   - To be used instead of "o" if we don't
 *                        want flushing (for slow systems)
 *      Check of malloc on entry/exit (option "S")

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